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  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Visibility of your site is thev key to success.

    Most of your potential customers will access your website via a search engine rather than by directly using your web address. It is extremely rare that they will proceed past the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Therefore search engine visibility is the key to online success.


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    Please contact me if you need some more information. I am currently available to work on your project before the end of 2012 and into 2013.

    24 Brook Street, Watlington, Oxfordshire, OX49 5JH.

    Mobile:07913 518019
    Telephone:01491 613880

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  • red rocket design

    A Great Looking Site
    Getting your site to look great is extremely important to Red Rocket. We will help you develop your web site in keeping with your business' brand and image. The look and feel of the graphics used in the site design will add to your visitors' experience and encourage them to return to your site again and again.

    Mixing Art, Design and Technology
    Red Rocket will develop your graphic design alongside the technology that will ensure that the pages load quickly and effectively. Ensuring that your potential customers enjoy their experience on their chosen device, wether a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • SEO Page Content

    OK. So you have a great web site but how will people find you?
    Staying ahead of the others means that your web site always gets prominence when listed by search engines. While almost anyone can fill a page with text, there's more to web writing than you may realise. It requires awareness of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and information architecture in addition to the ability to write clearly, precisely and persuasively. Best not to find out the hard way that preparing quality written content is harder and more time consuming than you expected. I can save you countless hours or days of valuable time, allowing you to focus on other priorities like keeping an eye on your business.

    Content type is crucial when it comes to your business being discovered on the web. Your business has a higher chance of being found by search engines through rich, good content. The use of images and video when creating your content also helps keep it rich.

    Other Marketing Tools
    I can also improve your visibility through marketing on "off-site" platforms incuding social media and popular media sites. Visitors to your site can be monitored and reports will show you what is working well and what needs tuning.

  • SEO Reports

    How to measure your success.
    Red Rocket will use tools to monitor who is visiting your site. Whether they are new visitors or returning to your site and what they are looking at can reveal where you may need to tweak your content.

    Monitoring and the law.
    Red Rocket will ensure that your web site complies with the law on data protection and personal privacy.

  • SEO Social Media

    Social Media
    In today's digital world of online social circles it's hard to imagine any business not joining the universal scramble for a virtual soapbox. Yet many small businesses still don't see how they can benefit from social media. Not everyone has had their eyes opened by the massive opportunities for engagement and new business that tools like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.
    Red Rocket is familiar with the unwritten rules that exist on social/community sites. Without this knowledge your presence may be countrer-productive. Red Rocket brings its experience of how to advertise your business and build relationships. These relationships will be built up over time and will be a valuable return on your investment.

    Having a blog gives you the chance to present the human side of your business and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Like Social Media, it will require an investment to be effective.

  • SEO Linking

    Hypertext Links to Your Site
    Search engines will index links to your site from external sites. This will affect the score that promotes your site's ranking on the results page. Google have tuned this considerably over the years and it is now important to ensure that the links are coming from the correct sources e.g. as a result of recognition of your site's value in the context of the page containing the link.

    I understand your website is a business investment that exists for one reason - to generate business results and produce a positive, measurable ROI. Targeted marketing and analysis will ensure your customers are always best connected.

  • Welcome to Red Rocket

    Red Rocket offers a friendly and professional web site design service
    Based in central UK within easy reach of London, Oxford and Birmingham. Please have a look around the site and contact me if you have any questions.

    Market your business effectively
    A great web site is the least expensive way to communicate with your customers. It markets your business 24/7 and promotes your company brand. Saving you £000s in marketing and operational costs.

    Red Rocket's Services
    Whether you want to build a website to sell your business' goods or services, or need a presence on the web to ensure your business has a profile online. I am here to help. I can provide advice, training, design and ongoing support. I am also available as a resource to your project and/or I can provide further resources where needed.

  • About Red Rocket

    Mission Control
    Red Rocket is based in Watlington, South Oxfordshire. Run by myself: Trevor Davis, I provide a friendly and professional service to businesses, clubs and organisations. I have been creating web sites since 1996 when the World Wide Web was just a few years old.

    Design for Ease of Use
    All businesses can benefit from an accessible and easy-to-use website. Online customers who find your website intuitive are much more likely to purchase from you and revisit your website in the future. Great design means the content is presented in an intuitive manner, making effective use of colour, layout and site organisation.

    About Me
    I bring my experience of working with some of the world's leading companies on the commercial application of technology and the Internet. I am a long term member of the British Computing Society and hold formal qualifications in computer science, design, service and project management.